Who am I?

My name is Francisco Hed but everyone calls me Frasse.

I am the owner and muscher in this great company.
I live in a small village called Hansjö situated in Orsa Dalarna with all my dogs and family.
I started my kennel Jiepeer's in 1996-03-07 with alaskan malamutes. My first dog was an alaskan malamute I bought in 1991 and he became my teacher.


My handler/trainer this year is Simon Skårstedt. He has 4 years of training experience with sleddogs. This year he will compete with my dogs that he has trained, in Polardistans World championship 6 dog C 160 km.

2015 I got the opportunity to start with sleddogtourism.
The decision to start my company begun with a change of breed to Siberian husky, which is easier to drive in a team.

Now I have 31 adult and 3 puppies purebred Siberian husky. Living my dream.