A magic adventure in one of Sweden's most southern true wilderness areas. Drive your own dogsled team behind the guide. A unique possibility to experience what dogsledding is all about with all from preparing the dogs to drive them in a preserved nature area, as it was a thousand years ago. With chance to see tracks from wolf, fox, lynx, moose, wolverine and maybe see capercaillie flying over our heads

The journey goes out in the absolute wilderness on the frozen mires on an altitude of about 500m above sea level. As the nature is preserved here in a large area, the trees and vegetation is non forested or impacted of human in any way. In combination with the silent ride on the dogsleds, it gives you a unique feeling of the true greatness and purity the nature gives.


After the trip we stop for a outdoor meal over the open fire set up by the guide as you just enjoy the surroundings, the dogs and the company.


In afternoon we get back to the starting point again and water the dogs after we have removed the harnesses. Before we say goodbye to your new found friends in both guide and dogs. There is a possibility to get warm and change to other clothes before departure.